Scenic view of the homes along East Battery in Historic Charleston.

About Us

Midtown Executive Services was established in 2005, and began fully operating since 2006. The company literally changed the face of the transportation industry in the lowcountry by being the first to utilize luxury SUVís as an option for our clients. And now the entire industry benefits from this contribution. This was the product of the president of this prestigious organization, Jamal A. Middleton, who has kept his hand on the pulse of Charleston for over a decade. He has established relationships with the businesses and organizations of just about every existing line of commerce in this lovely city. The network that drives Midtown Executive was established through Mr. Middletonís own personal experiences in Charleston as a long time employee of one of the largest plaintiffís law-firms in the country for twelve plus years. And over the course of those years, he personally handled affairs for his firmís officers, as well as their associates and colleagues, locally and abroad.


Mr. Middleton quietly carries a very impressive profile, and is committed to service excellence, the advancement of the regionís business climate, and a host of civic activities.


















The Gold Standard In Executive Service.